poke1 [pəuk US pouk] v
1¦(with a finger/stick etc)¦
2¦(through a space/hole)¦
3¦(be seen)¦
4 poke a hole
5 poke holes in something
6 poke fun at somebody
7 poke your nose into something
8 poke the fire
Phrasal verbs
 poke along
 poke around
 poke into something
to quickly push your finger or some other pointed object into something or someone
poke sb/sth with sth
Andy poked the fish with his finger to see if it was still alive.
poke sb in the eye/arm/ribs etc
Be careful with that umbrella or you'll poke someone in the eye.
poke at
He was poking at the dust with a stick, making little patterns.
2.) ¦(THROUGH A SPACE/HOLE)¦ [T always + adverb/preposition]
to move or push something through a space or opening
poke sth in/into/through sth
He poked a hand into one of his pockets.
One of the nurses poked her head around the door.
3.) ¦(BE SEEN)¦ [I always + adverb/preposition]
if something is poking through or out of something else, you can see part of it but not all of it
poke out
Ella looked at the tiny face poking out of the blanket.
poke through
Weeds had started poking through the cracks in the patio.
4.) poke a hole
to make a hole or hollow area in something by pushing something pointed into or through it
poke a hole into/in/through
Poke a hole in the dough, and then form it into a rounded shape.
5.) poke holes in sth
to find mistakes or problems in a plan or in what someone has said
Defense attorneys tried to poke holes in Rodger's story.
6.) poke fun at sb
to make fun of someone in an unkind way
Some of the kids were poking fun at Judy because of the way she was dressed.
7.) poke your nose into sth informal
to take an interest or get involved in someone else's private affairs, in a way that annoys them
I'm sick of your mother poking her nose into our marriage.
8.) poke the fire
to move coal or wood in a fire with a stick to make it burn better
9.) ¦(SEX)¦ [T]
spoken not polite to have sex with a woman
poke along phr v
to move very slowly
He kept the car in the slow lane, poking along at about 40 miles an hour.
poke around phr v
1.) to look for something, especially by moving a lot of things around
poke around in
James began poking about in the cupboard, looking for the sugar.
2.) to try to find out information about other people's private lives, business etc, in a way that annoys them
poke around in
Stop poking around in my business!
3.) poke around (sth)
to spend time in shops, markets etc looking at nothing in particular
= ↑browse
I spent Sunday afternoon poking around an old bookshop.
poke into [poke into sth] phr v
to try to find out information about other people's private lives, business etc, in a way that annoys them
poke 2
poke2 n
1.) give sb/sth a poke
to quickly push your fingers, a stick etc into something or someone
Vanessa gave me a playful poke in the ribs.
2.) AmE informal a criticism of someone or something
Bennett took a poke at the President's refusal to sign the bill.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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